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Zane Taylor Black - Resume


  • I am a hardworking, loyal, and dedicated individual who is seeking long term employment over the course of my college courses. I feel that i would provide a better overall working enviroment for my employees and myself, no matter what the situation happens to be. I would love that opportunity to excell and strive in a working company.

Employment History


Tamarron Association of Condominium Owners, TACO

Durango, CO Highway 550 North, 81303

Dave Dunn, General Manager, (970)-382-6740

  • Maintenence, 12.00$ an hour in summer, 15.00$ in winter.
  • In the summer I maintained landscaping the large lots with a riding mower, push mower, and weed wacking/ leaf blowing equipment.
  • In the winter I maintained the same lots from the accumulation of snow using a snow blower and also by hand, with a shovel.


Tamarron Condominiums

Durango,CO Highway 550 North, 81303

Matt Russo, Housekeeping Manager, (970)-259-2000

  • Housekeeping, 9.50$ an hour
  • My daily responsibilities included, the daily cleaning (sweeping, mopping, etc.) of all the resorts lobbys and bathrooms, daily cleaning of all rooms required for arrivals, and maintain the look of the resort and accomodate to any guest needs.


The Springs Resort

Pagosa Springs, Co, 165 Hot Springs Blvd, 81147

Kevin Martinez, General Manager, (970)-264-4168

  • Customer Service, 8.50$ an hour
  • My responsibilities included constant walking of the grounds to ensure the safety and satisfaction of every guest, taking out all the trashes, keeping all the bathrooms immaculantly clean, and doing any other chores that my fellow employees needed me to.


TLC Builders

Pagosa Springs, Co 81147

Tracy Lynn, Owner

  • construction, 12.00$ an hour
  • I have experience with drywall, insulation, flooring, foundations(concrete), framing, roofing, any power tools, and some electronics.



Pagosa Springs High School

Pagosa Springs, CO, 81147 (970)-264-2228



  • Daniel Roeder, Contractor (970)-903-3811
  • Natalie Pintal, Student, (970)-403-6441
  • Jack Peterson, Contractor (970)-769-2377